Rapid Games Designing: designing, not playing

An innovative workshop format where groups design games together to reach deep understandings of complex systems.

A Rapid Games Designing (RGD) workshop takes one day. Groups are coached to build games to help them express and manipulate their understandings of the complex systems they work in.

Comparing and contrasting these games leads to an incredibly rich discussion of diverse perspectives on the system and its potential future transformation.

What do participants say?

Game design yielded significant insights into assumptions, perceptions and resulting designs of games to reflect real-world or idealistic-world scenarios.
Workshop participant
Tzaneen, South AFrica
I think that in the designing process we clarified our background understanding of water science, strengthened and interrogated concepts in a way/ways that only gaming could have and that orthodox pedagogical tools probably cannot/don’t.
Workshop participant
Oxford, UK


About us

Bruce Lankford

Systems and people-centered water and irrigation


Joanne Craven

Serious game design